Saturday, February 09, 2013

vimunit and gutter plugin updates.

I've been struggling my way through some plugin updates the last couple months, and I think...I think I'm about to a stopping place. For now anyway.


I took over the vimUnit plugin from Staale Flock a few years back and apart from a couple bugfixes I hadn't done much, until recently. I've made several updates to this plugin, the major new features/changes being:

  • Its fail fast: previously assertions for this unit testing framework were a little wonky. Most unit testing libraries out there will 'fail fast': when a failed assertion is encountered in a test case, the whole test case stops. But the old implementation of this library did nothing of the kind; this leads to overly verbose and extraneous assertions.
  • Stack traces: I did some low level vim hacking to introduce simple stack traces into failed tests. Now you have a good idea of the line number and underlying functions that cause a failed assertion.
  • Command line tool: testing vim functions inside of vim can lead to many possible IMO dirty editing environments. The command line tool ensures that when you run tests you don't mess up your current editor, and your tests always execute in a clean vim environment.
  • Shiny new website:


Several years back I wrote a gutter plugin that would automatically show you all matches for the current word under your cursor and any searches you may have performed. Well, I've done a pretty complete rewrite to support graphical icons as well as git modifications in the gutter. Still working out documentation and such, but definitely worth checking out. I'd love some feedback.