Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Macro Search take three (err, update)

Okay! So I've been hard at work on some new features. Make sure you've seen the first screencast - then get a video overview of the new 'under the cursor autosearch' feature by watching the changelog screencast I made:

But. I also left some features out. A mostly complete list of the new features:
  • A new 'under the cursor autosearch' feature. In short: you are shown all 'iskeyword' words in the file that match whatever 'word' is currently under your cursor.
  • Limited searches: the search and under cursor search plugins are limited to 100 matches so as not to kill you on larger files (searching for redundant things that match everywhere).
  • Colors! In GUI mode the intensity of the // and \\ colors will go UP when there are lots of matches in that region of the file. Dull == 1 match, brighter == more matches.
  • console coloring: the console doesn't support this level of granularity so I've given it a basic 8 color black/white/brown so that you get all the same basic functionality (minus the intensity telling you the # of matches).
  • hopefully more stable? Hopefully more complainy if you don't have +float or +signs support? One hopes :)
A screenshot of the plugin in console vim (uhh, this screenshot doesn't make *any* sense unles you've watched the screencasts so...get to it!):

If you're interested try it out - just drop it in git repository. I'd be interested in some feedback before I tack a version on it and stick it on's plugin site.

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