Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Macro Search take two

Thats right I've reworked the idea I had earlier for a macro level search in VIM ala the IntelliJ features I had mentioned.

At any rate - I'm adding another feature or two as I go along which I'll surely blog about. Its buggy, but it mostly works and isn't butt ugly.

You can try it yourself by downloading it from its git repository.


Michael Anderson said...

This is very neat.
You should add it it the vim tips pages if you haven't already.

DeeSumm said...


As I was telling a friend its basically demoware at the moment: it works, but its finicky. I'm gonna clean up a few minor issues, and stick it up on vim scripts pretty soon.

Tom said...

It currently requires vim7.2 built with +float.
I'm getting other errors on a different install that meets those criteria but I haven't had a chance to debug it yet

DeeSumm said...

Hi Tom,

Yeah as I said earlier its currently at the 'demoware' stage. It does require 7.2 and +float. I've added an additional feature and fixed a couple extra bugs. I'll make a note in the README to add in that +float requirement you mention.

Another blog post coming with demo of the new features as I get them stable.

It also doesn't really look great in non-GUI vim; something I really wanna address before pushing out to the scripts site.

pyrho said...

Great plugin. Very useful. I'll wait a bit before using it though. It kinds of make my vim very slow :)

DeeSumm said...

Hey pyrho,

Thanks. Just a note that I've updated the plugin (see later posts "take three"!). I've been using it pretty regular and have also noticed it can be slow (better than the 'take 2' version I mentioned here, but still a little slower than it has to be). I'll be working on that issue in the next week or two and publish (hopefully!) one final entry.